2. Objectives

Our goal is to enhance the capability of developing countries to undertake their own, independent, SOME assessments using an internationally recognized, Expert Elicitation methodology. The objective of SOME-EE workshops is to produce an assessment needed to underpin national and/or regional SOME reporting.  The ‘data’ in the context of this process are the results (grades, confidence, risks) of the parameters assessed at the workshop. The aim is to engage with a broad range of marine experts from developing countries who have a background and experience in environmental issues and the conditions in their national or regional marine ecosystems.  The workshop will seek:

1.       Understanding by the experts of an assessment process based on a Delphic approach of expert elicitation;

2.       Assignment of scores to the components/parameters for the purpose of determining condition grades at the regional[1] and/or national level;

3.       An assessment of risks based on known and impending threats to the components/parameters used here over short (5 year) and long (50 year) timescales.


[1] “Regional” means either areas within a country or, at a broader scale, encompassing areas of two or more countries; regions may be biogeographic or politically defined.