8. Web-based system for data capture

GRID-Arendal has created a pilot, web-based system to capture and analyse workshop scores: ().  The web site allows for the real-time capture and display of data (scores for parameters, confidence, risks) during the workshop and provides a template for the production of a State of Marine Environment Report.  The content and graphics can be exported and used as the basis for a national or regional SOME report or the contents can be adapted for use within other formats as required. The database allows direct correlation to the outline of the World Ocean Assessment, thereby permitting cross-referencing and combining outcomes of the assessment to optimize it as a contribution to the international effort.  

Another key aspect is that the diagrams and outputs that are produced by the web site are designed for easy communication of the workshop results to policy- and decision-makers.  The diagrams are simple, jargon-free and clearly communicate the main findings of the judgements made by the experts.